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We're starting to homeschool and will be going half time this summer (with a couple of weeks off). Can you tell me what I need to document? # of hours in each subject? Curriculum lessons or books read on each day? Something else? I'm planning to join our local homeschool support network, but if I join before August, I'll have to pay for another year in August since that's the beginning of their year. So I'd like to wait and just pay my dues in August, but I'm...
After reading Dr. Mercola's article about vitamin B12 today, I'm thinking about supplementing and see how I feel. What supplement do you recommend? (I've seen drops, sublingual tablets, etc.) Feel free to spam me.
Ds will be in first grade next year. He's a very advanced reader so we aren't doing a formal reading/phonics curriculum. Here's the plan: Singapore & Miquon Math First Language Lessons Writing With Ease Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding (need to finish up Mr Q Life Science and will do units on weather and electricity) Child's History of the World with picture book or early reader biographies (I'll add some music appreciation to coincide with...
Ds is a very quick learner and is always pushing the envelope with math (wanting to do multiplication/division, fractions, negatives, etc before mastering addition/subtraction facts). Our main program is Singapore because it has less repetition which doesn't really need. We also use the Challenging Word Problems books from Singapore which have been incredibly helpful. In addition, we're doing Miquon 1-2 days/week so ds can work with the more exciting concepts at his own...
I want to start taking vitamin D3. Are some brands better than others? How do I know I'm getting a quality supplement? (Feel free to SPAM me!)
I'm wondering whether to skip phonics/reading or not. Ds is 4. He taught himself to read at age 2 (after I repeatedly blew off his requests to learn). Before his 4th b-day, he was reading picture encyclopedias (DK Eyewitness) and the National Geographic website (not the kid section). He just seemed to figure out how to read and be able to de-code words. His reading comprehension is excellent. Yesterday I gave him the Sonlight assessment (for lack of a better option--I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy You might try searching Learning at Home and Beyond. I've seen that question many times before. Thank you. I will try that.
We're planning to hs next year, and I would really like to have ds's reading level assessed--both his decoding ability and his reading comprehension. Is there a reliable way to do this at home?
The paper that the school sent home called it "AIMSweb (Dibels)", but I'm realizing now that it was an assessment of pre-literacy skills. Ds has been reading encyclopedias for more than a year, so I don't think the school chose an appropriate assessment for him. I really wanted them to test his de-coding and reading comprehension levels so I have some clue where he's at. Is there any way I can do this at home?
Ds took the AIMSweb (Dibels) assessment at school, but all I have are the raw scores. I tried Googling and didn't find anything helpful. Is there a way to translate this info into grade level equivalency? Anyone familiar with the assessment?
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