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My twins are 5 now and it does get easier.  When they were babies, my husband and I would spend about 20 minutes each night 'picking up' so I didn't have to come downstairs to a mess in the morning.  This really helped my mental status in the mornings.  I did have a house cleaner 2 times a month for a couple of years after having the twins.  If I could just keep things picked up, I knew that my house would get 'cleaned' at least every 2 weeks!
well said.  
I am in the same boat.  We are doing school for the first time.  I will have 2 in kindergarten, 1 in 1st grade and 1 in second grade.  My twins are only doing half day kindy but it is still a huge transition for us.  I only work 1 day a week (occasionally 2) so the free time will be a new experience.  I am looking forward to that part of it.  3 of my kids are really excited.  1 is really anxious but still wants to try.  Homeschooling is still an option for us if we ever...
My twins are starting kindy.  Half day-afternoons.  I am nervous.  I have two older kids but we have always homeschooled so I am starting school for the first time with all four.  Yikes.
I tried out our local group when I was pregnant.  It was very mainstream (annoyingly so) so I ended up not keeping up membership after they were born, but I would recommend trying your local one out.  It really just depends on the group.
Not a one. I had two singles and then term twins. Not a stretchmark in sight. I gained a ton too....over 60 lbs with all of the extra fluid from pre-e.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anastasiya It's Robby's Carnivore Party! Sharpen your teeth and sword up your sheath! Then MEAT us at one for some carnivore fun! sorry. best i could do under pressure. That is awesome.
I work part-time outside of home. I work a 12 h shift on Fridays and have a sitter until my DH gets home. Occasionally I will pick up a weekend day or two. DH is here then. I homeschool 4 kids (all still youngish). There are stressful times but we make it work. Being organized is key for us.
I suspect that your moms of multiples friends think you are more nuts for just homeschooling period than the the fact that you are homeschooling twins-ha. We homeschool and I have almost 4 yr old twins and 2 older kids. It is going just fine.
Ok, I am going to try to jump in to this thread. The numbers are a bit intimidating though! I love to run so this seems like a good place to hang out. I had mostly been doing shorter distances but am currently training for a half marathon in June and just signed up for the Chicago marathon in October. I haven't done either of those distances yet. I envision being like those people on the youtube video the day after...... I am also trying to gear up for 2 or 3...
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