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I would be all for anything that is safe and provides relief for Crohn's patients. I feel really bad for people with Crohn's.
Where in the world are people getting the idea that mosquitoes avoid healthy people?
Oh, and have you heard of the spinning babies site? It's supposed to help you determine the position of your baby. For what it's worth, I never could find the HB with a steth - I got a used baby sounds monitor thing on eBay and used that.
That sounds cool! How are you feeling?
You have a BA in anthro of childbirth? Wow, I've never heard of such a thing. Which university offers a BA in the anthropology of childbirth? I'm an anthro major myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by kayjayjay The meds only kill the worms, they do not kill the eggs. Reinfection is very likely, so since the worms have a 2-week life cycle, a second dose is taken to kill any worms that were ingested as eggs when the first dose was taken. I hope that makes sense. The hardest thing about these, imo, is that it's nearly impossible to keep little ones from re-infecting themselves, because they scratch the itchy bottom and then...
No, they're not. Maybe he was pulling your leg.
I guess you need to move close to your kids. Can't really have this one both ways.
Have you gone to a HCP? The meds they give you work because the first dose kills the adults, and then the second dose kills their eggs. I don't know why the OP in this thread says the medicine doesn't kill all the worms, because it does...? Anyway, good luck. This must be really traumatic for everyone in your house. :
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A It could also be a B-12 deficiency. You might also want to see if the doctor could check him for a tapeworm. Tapeworms rob the body of B-12. Unless he's been preparing gefilte fish lately, this is unlikely. Please, please, please do not limit your approach to this problem to dietary and supplemental vitamin tactics. Please.
New Posts  All Forums: