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My last babies are now 8 and 9. I loved the mdi tai with them. Are there any new brands I should consider?
Catholic-mama -- Yay! It feels good to be light and active! :)
I'm down too around 144. I'm thinking I'll break into the 130s (like 139, lol) by Easter. 
Sometimes getting over hungry can make you eat too much before it registers. Only take as much as you want to eat and don't allow yourself a second serving...
I am nursing. I'm sure it helps! I definitely made the diastasis worse last time so I'm nervous about doing any stomach exercises this time. 
I bought Spanx and wore them all day... I think it was too much compression! I started bleeding again and feel horrible!
I am about 148 and I want to get down to 125. I am usually 125 (was pre-pregnancy), which is thin for my height (5'10) so I might have to settle for around 128-130 while nursing. I'd like to lose most of it by mid-May when I plan to start running. I'm registered for the NYC marathon this year, which doesn't seem that appealing right now!   I have been eating whole foods... nothing processed. I feel good! 
I bought a binder and started wearing it about 4 days pp. I'm only 12 days pp now, so we'll see. It is comfortable though. 
I saw a bunch of weight loss threads, but most are underway. Would anyone like to join a weight loss challenge/support thread?   I am 8 days post partum and my plan is to eat only nutritious foods. I am looking to lose around 30 pounds, which I figure will take around 15 weeks. I plan to add light exercise (walking) in 5 weeks and rigorous exercise (running) in about 8 weeks.
Is there anything that helps the uterus shrink? Also, what are the best post pregnancy/post caesarian stomach exercises? 
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