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I am an avid runner and used to bike a lot to do triathlons. In my area, all options are bad. Every year we have experienced cyclists killed. It's one of the main reasons I ditched tris for distance running. At least I can see the cars coming! We can wish the world were different, but I'm not willing to risk my babies life in a carrier or a trailer!
The link doesn't work.
I'm about to listen, but I always picture the name on a resume. :-)
I like Norah! I also like Magdalena, but I have a not too close with a daughter with that name and it feels weird. I'm not sure about that...   Maybe if you went with something Isabelle, Elizabeth, Claire, etc. (something English or another culture), you could avoid the "country bumpkin" effect. 
I think we're going with...   Ada Elizabeth
I love chili and eat tons of sweet potatoes too! My favorite combo...   Now if I could just stay away from the crackers! ;)
I think I"m going to buy organic, but I saw this when I checked out the suggestions above. It looks like a good deal!   http://www.justsimplybaby.com/dealoftheday.asp
Woah... I just got on the scale at the gym and I'm 145! I'm getting nervous. I'm gaining so fast again. DH said it's likely because I don't run much (I used to run 50 miles a week), but I just don't have the energy. I hate to act wacky about it. I want to stay healthy, but I also don't want to gain a ton. 
Me too... I think I'm going to buy Bumgenius.
I'm 16 weeks and have gone from 124-140. I'm 5'10 so 124 is usually pretty thin. I'm attributing the extra weight to that... but I'm a bit worried too. I usually gain too much. 
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