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I was set on Saul for a boy, but I'm having a girl and I'm less sure of a name. Maybe Elsa, Maya, Hannah, Ada, or Lillian.   I like Vera too, but I would make it Veronica after my grandma and call her Vera. DH doesn't like that one though. 
Thanks for this. This is great for us all!
Who has a sheepskin? Where did you get it and how did you decide which one to buy? Are there any concerns I should have?
Thanks for the feedback! It eased my mind a bit. I hadn't thought about it until I read about it somewhere. I'll need a pump anyway for when I head back to work so I'll get one before then just in case. 
I'm feeling pretty huge! It's my third and my belly is already pretty big. I don't feel as sick anymore, so that's an improvement. :)
 I didn't even think to ask... I'm bringing them. I scheduled it so they could go! :)
I had an emergency c/s with ds1, so I had labored for a few days. This, I"m sure helped my milk come in. With ds2, I was still nursing ds1 when I had a planned c/s, so it wasn't an issue. Eight years later I'm going to have another planned c/s, but now I'm hearing stories that it may be hard to start lactating after a planned c/s. Has anyone had this happen? Any advice?
I got out for 5.5 mies today! I'll head out for 7 tomorrow. :)  I can't wait to start swimming next week too! :)   I have fears of an unhealthy pregnancy too. With DS2 I never went into labor (ending VBAC plans) and gained so much weight and held so much water that it was scary! 
I tandem nursed for a year and a half. It was really challenging. It also created problems of jealousy. When I finally decided to wean my older guy he felt really upset that the younger on could still nurse. (I just couldn't do it anymore.) He still remembers it now. It is a challenge and I'm not sure it's worth it. Feel free to give yourself a break. It might be easier to draw lines now, before the baby, than later. 
I'm not a huge fan of being pregnant either. I'd rather just skip to the baby. I like nursing and having a newborn in a sling, etc. I'm very active though and the physical weight and discomfort is irritating to me. People don't want to hear that though, so I keep it to myself. ;)
New Posts  All Forums: