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I'm definitely getting giant and a bit uncomfortable, though I feel good overall. My skin is so dry that my face looks red though. It's a bit alarming. I don't know what to use on it though. I don't want to cause a breakout on top of the redness!   I bought dips and clothes. Now I just have to find a good wall-mounted changing table. 
I took it yesterday. I rarely ever eat processed sugar and I felt horrible after the hour passed. I had to stop and eat some horrible soup to even drive home. I should have brought food! I also think that this test is silly for people already eating a healthy diet. Of course our bodies are going to go nuts when getting a dose of sugar like that when we never eat it. Ironically, I've been craving sugar today! 
I'd go. You aren't going anywhere dangerous. I guess the only issue is the long plane ride. Choose an aisle seat so you can stand when you want to. Have fun!
Interesting idea. This could help me since I have a long commute. How did you set that up?
I commented on the rhythm entry. Thanks! :)
I'd rather do the OJ or jelly beans. I'm dreading that stuff!
We get duct tape for just about everything! Very popular. I'll check out the Magna Tiles. Are they good for older kids?
I took it even with midwives during my first two pregnancies. I am going to take it again. I guess I don't really have any advice, but I am completely dreading it! 
I had one emergency c/s and one planned (I was trying for a VBAC, but never went into labor and they wouldn't induce b/c of the previous c/s). I honestly remember the first one being pretty difficult, but I had to do a lot b/c there was a death in the family. I don't remember the second much. They were 7.5 and 9 years ago though.   I'm having another one with #3. I feel uncomfortable telling people about it in my area since many people have home births, etc. I just can't...
Do those of you who have one prefer the long or short?
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