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My dd hates naps, too. She does not nurse to sleep either. Some babies just don't. I OBSESSED about her naps: things that helped were the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (your library will probably have or can order a copy -- watch it a few times with your dp), the Amby bed we bought (not crucial, but it helped in that we could sit there and bounce her to sleep instead of throwing out our backs each and every time we had to put her to sleep - a swing might work), and...
We have a full for dh, me, and baby, so recently we put it on the floor and put the crib mattress on the floor right next to me to give us all more room and reduce dd's waking up from our moving around. We love the arrangement.
Thanks, boongirl. Unfortunately our house is so teeny there isn't a great place for dh to go. The couch or an air mattress in another room is it, and neither of those are very ideal. Frankly, I think he would be very cranky about it because he is already feeling touch deprived. So far this is working.
Quote: I appreciate daanan describing how she works the crib mattress next to the bed. I've been trying to figure out a way to get more room in our bed for all of us and I think that's a good idea. Yeah, so far it's great. She's sleeping for 2.5 hour long shifts during the night, a big improvement. I can do 2.5 hours. I also love having our mattress on the floor, because it feels so cozy and it's much quieter, plus dh's moving doesn't jostle me so...
You don't need to use any cream. I use a salve of olive oil, beeswax, calendula, and some other herb I can't hink of only when it's red around her anus. Otherwise, just let her dry a little before re-diapering. I just wipe her off with a damp flannel cloth, or if she dumps a big poo I use natural baby wipes (like Seventh Generation) just for ease. You can also go diaperless sometimes to help her dry off. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I found MDC to be a LIFESAVER during those...
But her eye is teary... that doesn't seem like it would be clogged. I'll keep doing the BM, though.
Right now dd sleeps in a sleeper and a sleep sack. When it's really chilly I add a hat, but it usually comes off. She hates her sleep sack, but without it she flails too much and either won't go to sleep or wakes herself up. She gets out of her swaddle. So I'm not sure how to "wean" her of the sleep sack.
DD has one watery eye with a yellowish eye goober. Her eye lid area is not swoolen or red, and she's not scratching at her eye. I've put in a message to our GP, but I haven't heard back from her yet. I put BM in her eye, and will keep doing that, and I vaccumed -- we have a Miela so it actually picks up stuff, doesn't just blow it around. Any idea? Allergies? Infection????
Last night we put dd on a crib mattress on the floor next to our mattress which we put on the floor, and she slept for longer stretches! Now if I can just get to sleep early when I need to .... Thanks, everyone.
Just wanted to tell you that we put our mattress on the floor last night with the crib mattress next to it, and dd slept for much longer stretches. I just scooted onto her mattress to nurse and then back up to mine when she was done. RE calcium, here is a recipe for calcium tea (you could order the herbs online): 3 parts rose hips 2 parts lemon balm 2 parts lemon grass 2 parts oats 1 part nettle 1 part raspberry leaf 1/2 part cinnamon A pinch of stevia to...
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