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We're doing WBC mostly for the vaxes and because he is on Phenobarbital for his seizures and longterm use can cause developmental delays and I just want to be sure to catch anything asap. So far he is right on track.   He is 21 lbs 1oz and 29 1/4 inches at exactly 9 mos.
It isn't :( I'm, stuck between 140-144   I'd like to be 10lbs from here. I'm only 5'2" so the weight doesn't really have room to hide. I keep blaming the csection but I think it's exhaustion (still broken sleep) and lack of motivation. I did well on the 30 day shred but started skipping days, got busy, then never started back.   I need to do something. I feel pretty bad about myself lately.     He's really losing the newbie look!  
Clayton was over a week late and is just now crawling. He is a velcro baby though and hates being put down.
It has been awhile. Wow such beautiful babies. They are all past the newbie stage, it's so amazing how fast time flies. I think we've made the cutest babies ever.   Clayton is 8 mos and got his second tooth last night and started crawling :) He did a "booty scootch" thing before that by getting on all fours, swinging his butt over, then sitting back up. He hasn't had any more seizures and we're going to see the Dr again in July and hopefully get another EEG done and...
We are 2 adults, 3 children and make a little more than half of the 2 adults 2 children living wage for my area.   Strange since I know we're not rich, but we own a home, 2 vehicles, and eat well. I must be better at living frugally than I thought. At least $2k of the monthly expenses are not something we worry about. I am a sahm so no childcare expenses and we stay local so spending $900+ on transportation a month is just unreal.
Way to go mamas that are losing :)   You'd think since he's almost 21lbs and just recently trying solids that I'd lose, but I'm 10lbs from my prepreg weight and have been stuck there for 3 months. It shows me at least that all the calories I eat are needed to maintain my weight and feed him, I'm not gaining :) I can't get skinny nursing, I usually hang onto 5-10lbs until they wean (so I have at least 1.5 years to get used to this size I guess).
Clayton is 6 months old today :)    
He didn't have a fever during any of the seizures (7 total), it's a genetic thing. Now he hates his medication (he took it perfectly at the hospital, like he just wanted to get home lol), it is a fight and I get it spit in my face at least once a day. Still better than seizures though.   I can't believe how big all of our babies are!   I love the picture with a steak, that's what my daughter did with pork chops for the longest time ;)
I think a mix. He is interested in food, grabs at mine, etc so I feel like he will accept them when the time comes. My husband is anxious to start him, and I think I will be happy when he is ready :) He is over 20lbs and nurses frequently which can be really draining.  
My daughter no longer gets them, so I hope that is the same with him. The Neurologist believe it is a genetic disorder (since we have such a strong family history).     He is much happier today and even took a nap on his own without being held! It was amazing. :)     Mommy and baby in the hospital. Everyone thought he was a girl in the gown.  
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