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Alex gets a bath every 10-14 days. Basically he has to be awake, calm, & well-fed at the same time Andy's ready for a bath and George has to be home because that's his thing, and all those variables come together about that often. His folds & such get wiped out with baby wipes every chance I get (mmm, neck smegma!), so it's more getting him used to being submerged than anything else.
Why not get a bunch of cheap ribbon & some wide elastic (adult-sized cotton stretchy headbands work great for this, you can usually find them in 3-packs at the dollar store) and make a skirt to go with the costume? cut the ribbon to twice the length you want it, loop it over the elastic, and pull the ends through the loop. continue until you have a floaty fairy tutu. super fast and about $5.
I did. I was unsure about it, but when the mom talked about the case worker coming to her house, the complaints the worker brought up weren't things I had said, so I know someone else was just as concerned as I was, and that made me feel better about the call.
Quote: Originally Posted by jillybeans I'm having the hardest time coming up with a midwife gift that is affordable! Any ideas? I'm planning on making her a lap blanket. This one in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted, though I can't find the ball band so I have no idea what colorway it is. Something peach & pink & burgundy, in any case.
I've been having the same thing, with the added fun times of having the pain transfer along a nerve to my groin. My midwife says it's normal and to not worry about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sarah_bella1050 From the acticle I found it seems like the majority would go to middle class, 25-40k. Does that mean that lower or poverty level families would get nothing? As it stands right now, as long as you made $3000 or more last year & some of that income was taken from your check in taxes, you qualify. It's $600 per individual, $1200 per couple, and an additional $300 per family per child. But like someone...
Quote: Originally Posted by mommycakes Where is your family? I only ask b/c ours is about 3.5 hrs. away too--in Port Angeles. in-laws are in Portland.
I was walking to the yarn shop by myself one day and there was a dead raccoon on the sidewalk. I called my husband and had him call animal control to come get it. By the time I went home, the raccoon was gone. A few days later, I was walking with Andy to the grocery store. He pointed at the spot where the raccoon (that he had never seen, remember I was by myself when it was there) had been and said "Kitty sleeping. Kitty go night-night."
We were fine here in the Queen Anne neighborhood, but if I-5 doesn't get cleared and/or re-floods before Christmas, we might have to postpone spending the holiday with family. I am NOT spending 7-8 hours in a car for what should be a 3.5-hour drive!
I don't think it's necessary, nor do I think it's mutilation. I think it's a cosmetic outpatient procedure that parents can choose to have or not have done. This excludes, of course, a bris or the Muslim equivalent (what is the Muslim equivalent of a bris called?), where the procedure and reasons behind it are religious in nature and those who choose to forgo the ritual potentially face a specific ethical/religious/moral dilemma in doing so. That said, YOU are the...
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