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I was 16. My mother was 14 and my maternal grandmother was 18. I think my oldest daughter will be younger than me.
Katherine and I at the Oregon zoo.
Dd1 had just turned 3 when her sister was born.   We had her watch some birth videos before the birth.  We emphasized that mommy would make a lot of noise, because having babies was hard work.  We told her that she could help by being really quiet.  We also said she could help bring me water to drink.   I had a really short labor (less than four hours).  For most of it she was asleep.  When she woke up grandma took her to her room and they played with blocks until...
Got pregnant at 24 months before ppaf after dd1. After dd2 I got ppaf at 18 months.
We took Dd2 in at 2 weeks just to establish a relationship with the ped.  She didn't bat an eye at homebirthing, no vit K, no vax, no eye goop.  I'm really glad we went because we had issues with getting a social security card for her and needed the doctor's record.  For some strange reason Doctor's records were legal documents that proved she existed, but midwives records were not.
I labored in water in a hospital tub that was slightly larger than my home tub during my first birth. I could not get comfortable. I'm 5'11" and my legs are just too long for my belly to be submerged during labor. For my homebirth I tried a few contractions in our home tub and the only position I could get in where my belly was covered was me flat on my back with my legs up against the wall. I only survived about 2 contractions before I decided I wanted out. I...
With those concerned about waterbirthing violating the lease. We had a large aquarium that our landlord knew about. We assured them that our renter's insurance would cover anywater damage and gave them a copy of our policy so that they wouldn't be worried about it. But we didn't tell them about us having a home water birth in advance. We told our immediate neighbors so we wouldn't get the police called on us and put a sign on the door that said "Labor in progress,...
No and Yes. First baby was bigger and second labor was shorter. DD1 38w+4d. 11 hours of labor, a little over 1 hour pushing. 8lbs, 2oz. DD2 38w+3d. Less than 4 hours of contractions, but water broke 36 hours before labor started. Baby was 6lbs, 14oz.
I did a search and couldn't find a thread for season 4 Chuck. I don't miss an episode and was laughing hysterically at the guest spot by Robert Englund last night. The nightmare scene at the end with the baby dressed as a snail was especially funny. I felt a lump in my throat when I saw the look of disappointment on Ellie's face when Chuck told her their mother wasn't coming.
Quote: Originally Posted by D_McG My experience with my children has definitely changed my opinion on what's 'normal' in breastfeeding! I thought CLW was so sweet and natural but then my own experience was the exact opposite. So now it just is normal to me that I breastfeed for a while and then I start to feel irritated so I wean. Like that image of an animal pushing away their young. It feels natural to me. I get not everyone feels that way, of...
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