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Hi Ladies, I really need help making banners for my site, my web designer is swamped and I really need to get these done so I can swap! I have Freehand and Flash and Picture It, but I don't know where to start or what the heck to do. If someone can just give me a clue as to where to start, that would be awesome. Please PM, IM or email me! TIA
I too am an Arbonne Consultant and I have had great success with this business. I also own my own online business and own a stroller franchise...so I have a lot of experience with home based businesses. Let me first tell you that any network marketing company that has consumable products, should be a definite go getter. Network marketing is really making leaps and bounds in the retail business, so jump on the bandwagon with a good company when you can. As for Arbonne...
Hi Ladies, I am new on this forum but not new to babywearing. I am a work at home mom of 2 year old twins and I need a good Mei Tai. I have 2 wrap style slings (Didymos, Ellaroo) which are great for around the house and a hip carrier (Hip Panda) which I absolutely love. So here is the problem, I make lots of daily trips to the post office for business and I run around town a lot, making frequent stops. The wrap slings take too long on those cold days (NorthEast...
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