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never tried it.   durian fruit
My MIL is a bit of a hoarder, this year we got her a calender from Shutterfly with pictures of the kids. I think it will be our yearly tradition now!
I am trying to not spend too much so I start every week with a pot of brown rice, a pot of beans, & a pot of soup. That way I can come up with a quick lunch or addition to a meal. This week for dinner-   Smokey Butternut Squash soup & rice same soup & veggie sandwiches Bean tacos (w/homemade corn tortillas)  Salad w/garbanzo beans & avocado homemade mac n' cheese (w/rice pasta)& salad (kids request for xmas) beans, rice, cheese & sauteed veggies Tofu,...
I love the BL, even my dh gets teary eyed at some parts! So bummed its not on this season, I need the motivation. I started watching it about 2y ago & it motivated me to start working out & run a 10k! Can't wait for the new season, it sounds interesting! I wish I could go on it!
Ahhh, I wasn't counted:( I thought I only missed one week, but mondays are hard for me to get online so I'm usually late. Good job everyone! Keep it up! I think I finally found the motivation to stick to my eating plan, yay!
Hi, I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains and just had #3. I know several mamas that have 3+. I recently have joined a homeschool group and many have 3-4 kids:) There are so many wonderful programs & activities for kids/families here, I just love it!
I'm sorry I'm late...again! I was 262lbs on Monday:)
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