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mammarific, I really like your blog, I left a comment and hope to read more of it soon. I am trying to blog again and love to read other waldorf-ish blogs!
Thank you for the replies. The anger is very hard for me, it makes me uncomfortable and I feel guilty for feeling it. I feel anger towards my children at times and I feel horrible about it, like I should be able to control my feelings better! I think I would like to get counseling, but the one time I went to a councilor it was a bad experience (for post-traumatic stress). Maybe I should try again:) Thank you again for your thoughts!
My father has cancer and I just feel a little angry, not really sad. I mean, I was a little angry before the cancer and I think I kind of "wrote him off" a long time ago. It feels odd. Am I being too cold and unfeeling? Is it ok to feel this way? I keep wondering if I am just trying to hide real emotions but I can't find much sadness in me. I feel sad for the rest of my family that has to cope. I don't want my dad to suffer. I feel bad for my mom but think she will be...
Oh, I really like Enki and was debating on getting it! If you get it let me know what you think!
We are! My ds1 just started 1st grade at home & my ds2 is 4yo and in K(next year too). We are doing circle time 4x a week. I have a lot of trouble following a rhythm, I try and do the days of the week: family day, gardening day, painting day, baking day, craft day, wash day, & cleaning day. Our days do not have as much rhythm as they should, I need to work on it! I have researched & obsessed over things for a few years, so let me know if you are looking for...
Sorry I lag, my weight on Mon. was 266, doing good this week!
great, I gained & am now 270. Crazy week, sorry I am so late posting!
267 again, stressful week...
267, did really good for a couple days then I kind of blew it.
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