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Sending those vibes! I'm hoping I don't make it til April 10th, because that's our daughter's birthday! )
We're due the same day I didn't realize Easter was here until yesterday. Fortunately, we haven't been invited to anything...which is a bummer but I'm too full of baby to eat much of anything anyhow. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to have to keep hb plans a secret! When I switched to hb the family freaked out a bit, but they pretty much figure I'm going to do what I want to do anyhow so they didn't even try to change my mind. I just hope I don't go into...
Still here, 39 weeks tomorrow...farthest I've ever made it in a pregnancy and I'm sore and exhausted. 2cm dilated, at least 80% effaced.
BTDT this week, and it's getting OLD. I feel like my body is just tormenting me. I wake up every morning and have a few contractions that make me go 'uh oh...' and every day they're stronger than the day before, with more 'real labor' symptoms but never enough. I wait them out to see if they'll turn into anything. The worst though is that every night for hours (until the last contractions peter out in the morning, actually) I have contractions and sometimes they get so...
Well there's 'dropped' and 'dropped'. They come down, engage a bit, etc. Common in most pregnancies. Then there's 'holy cow the baby dropped' where you feel like you're sitting on their head every time you sit down and you have NO ROOM for ANYTHING down there so you live in the bathroom. That's the one you 'can't miss'.
Sounds like a head You can also feel it through the top of the vaginal wall before the cervix. If you're feeling truly adventurous, you can slide your finger to the sides and get an idea how big the head is...which makes you rethink natural birth When the head starts engaging, you can barely miss it, even through tissue. Some cervixes stay back until you're in labor (posterior) so you may not be able to truly reach your cervix until then. Particularly if you're trying...
It could be your plug. I've had clear ones, yellow ones, ones streaked with blood. The plug will keep trying to regenerate itself until delivery, causing not-so-pleasant discharge. As long as it's not streaked with reddish blood, your cervix isn't really changing.
Good luck, RRR! Subscribing, can't wait to hear how things are progressing
The only thing you'd need besides that is a couple outfits with legs in case you have to go somewhere because gowns and carseats aren't fun. A hat or two is always a good bet... And socks, esp. if you're using gowns.
I used a couple drawers from my dresser for the baby's things...and used the bassinet for his blankets. I never put him in the bassinet, lol. They make GREAT laundry baskets though.
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