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Oh boy- it's started! I have hair everywhere- ewww! Have I ever mentioned that my hair is waist-length? So it's tons of really long hair everywhere. Sigh.
Our bedtime routine is non-existent at this point. DP doesn't get home from work until about 8pm- which makes it tough for either of us to want to put the babe to bed. She generally takes a couple of naps throughout the evening (in arms or occasionally the swing or the kanoe) and we all go to bed together around midnight~ish. We're up for the day at 8:30 or 9. I feel like she'd likely go to bed earlier if we tried...
My friend has a 1 year old who's not over the 50th percentile and she just told me that the flips she bought are adjusted all the way out and she can't see how they are "one size". HTH.
I was going to suggest the OTT lamp too!
Love my Dyson- but more $$ than you were wanting to spend...
Just adding a "me too"- and my DD1 is 11, so she really is giant and dirty and not gentle enough and everything annoys me and I snap at her... but she's also so in love with her sister and a really big help and I try *so* hard to be gentle with her and remember that she has tender little feelings and a delicate self esteem (just like the rest of us!)... I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone and that it will indeed pass!
Subbing- we're in about the same boat!
My DD is 12 weeks & 3 days- and she rolled over tonight! Then did it again about 14 more times... All front to back of course! And as long as I'm mentioning, she'll kick and move herself forward several inches at a time when she's on her tummy... Anyone else??? It happened so fast!!
I wrote a review too- I wonder if they'll actually go up on the site?
nak... outrageous! i can't wait to hear mcd's response!
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