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i'm so sorry mama!
it sounds normal to me too... my dd stuck a tinker toy in her labia once and told me "look mama, i have a penis!" (we then had a very calm talk about where toys go and hygiene...)
I've got a 45 minute commute when I go back to work... so I've been wondering about this... No spillage? Do you use a nursing cover or just under your shirt? Anyone know if it's legal???
it's funny vto read about the duo's- my 11lb 8-week old is still on the smallest setting... maybe she's long???
we use plain ol' tap water, get them pretty wet, then put them in the wipes warmer. that's it! it's been working well so far!
nak i took my toddler to mexico at 3... it was great! have fun mama!
I didn't actually feel like it worked as intended for me! I *always* fell asleep listening to the scripts and never felt like I really managed a "hypnotic state" before labor, so I'm not surprised that I wasn't able to get into a hypnotic state during labor, KWIM?? That being said, it was awesome for helping me get to sleep!! I listened to the cds during the beginning part of my labor when I was experiencing a lot of back pain and didn't try them later with the...
That is a really cute shirt- but sadly out of stock. I'm mainly interested in being able to wear my old shirts and use the tank as a layer anyway...
thanks ladies- i now have one on the way... worth trying i guess!!
I'm so sorry for your loss.
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