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Joseph disanto with brandywine peds is okay. He does have frank discussions with you and of you've done your own research it seems he's okay with it. His wife is a lactation consultant in office and they are all very bfding friendly. Didn't bat an eyelash when I said 3yo was still nursing.. Infact they congratulated me!
Quote: Originally Posted by abiyhayil I thought maybe we could start a list of where we get our local goods. Barnyard farm Hartly, DE Organic Milk, $4/gal Eggs $4/doz and Beef cuts in small or whole/half quantities Bodine's Denny's Rd (Hartly?) Eggs $1.50/doz Are these in lower Delaware? Highland orchards on foulk road in north Wilmington has some good stuff. Organic turkeys sold around thanksgiving and homemade pies...yum. They also...
My almost 12yo dd did her school shopping at jc penneys, old navy,, and also picked up a few sweaters at justice. She shopped pretty much on her own and Sid a great job. Made her mama proud.
Ugh.. In preparation for the first day of school tomorrow, I had to do 7yo dd and 5yo dd's hair. I dread it because it's always a struggle. They are biracial... Black and white...their hair is suuuper curly and super thick. It's always a struggle and never without screaming and crying. I feel horrible.. But I have to do it. I have tried so many things and nothing us perfect. So, what does it sound like in your house? Better than mine, I hope? Got any tricks?
I'm sorry your having trouble op... Did YouTube have anything to add? That's always my go to. Side note: I got an awesome visual of a person actively tiling whilst posting to the mothering board.. From the middle of her under construction kitchen. I'm sure you will figure it out! These mamas are great!
For general reference, I found this site. http://www.nsbri.org/HumanPhysSpace/...velopment.html It says that bone ossification is not complete until age 25. I wonder how many of us shouldn't be driving? For me, and I suppose everyone else, it's all about weighing the risks and benefits. She said she CANNOT afford another vehicle..I don't see any other option. Best of luck op. Btw, I didn't read all the posts...
Quote: Originally Posted by meemee 15 stitches?!! on a FINGER!!!! omg. wow just wow how he did it. so now he can joke he missed work because he cut his finger 15 stitches on a finger is a lot! Glad to hear he's managing the pain! Side note: dd ended up getting 9 stitches on her baby toe a few years back. All from stepping on the corner of an entertainment stand.. I swear it was a freak accident!
I don't really see anything wrong with it. It mostly looks like something my kids would wear during the summer... Except more fancy. Kwim? The style of dress I mean.. Is similar. I don't see a problem though. Like everyone said it's a subjective thing.
If that didn't work you could always tAlk about the possibility of filing bankruptcy. I mean, hey, it's a possibility for everyone, right?
Yes, not a member of any religion. I suppose I would not be opposed to her going it just seems like at every turn something is said about Jesus dying for everyones sins and I can totally see how my five year old would latch on to that completely.(wether or not I was there with her. Like even If I said the whole that's what some people believe convo...she would still believe it was total truth, because she's so young. I think it wouldn't be so hard to say no but she's...
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