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Code:This is us. I hate the car or going anywhere now, I have no idea what we are going to do. There is no relief. We have to be in the car..it's awful..I feel like a terrible person for letting him cry . I have tried everything. I think he just doesn't like being jostled but idk how to fix that..and by now he already has a negative association with the car seat, I thought it was getting better, but now we are back to screaming. So, I hear you, lily.
Ninetales, I will surely give that a try. I seemed to have figure out what the problem was..the infant insert was making him incredibly uncomfortable. I took it out and our rides have been a million times better! Way less crying while riding!
Justchanti, it's a little tricky because they're so loud..lol. So far Gilly has decided that he does not like cloth diapers..at all, he doesn't like clothes, he hates the car seat and the car, and pictures are really hard to come by..Ashe doesn't really like to have his pic taken.. I say all this because I could deal with it all fine would just be okay in the car. We spend a lot of time in the car because of the older kids getting to school and such..so it presents a...
Here's Gilliam sleeping through his older sister's soccer game, 3 weeks old. Obviously very happy to be getting his diaper changed! :-) 4 weeks old Going out to lunch with Mama and Daddy, 4 weeks old.     These baby pics are adorable! I am having such a fun time seeing everyone's babes..so cute! I love all the serious looks and the smiles! oh my goodness!
I love the moby. I tried it at a postpartum doula workshop and fell in love! It's not too hard to get on quickly once you get the practice in. I also used hotslings with my other babes, I liked them alot too..especially when they got older in the hip carry.
Exactly, Ninetales..it was so frustrating! His name is pronounced like William but, with a hard G sound at the beginning.
Yay!! Congrats to all the new mamas! The babies are so cute!   Here's our Gilliam, 6 days old    
Gilliam Gregory's birth This is super long. I wanted to get as many details down as I could before the small things started disappearing from memeory...   I had been having braxton-hicks contractions for quite a long while and feeling generally ready to drop a baby for about a month before he actually arrived.   On August 30, I woke a few times through the night to noticable contractions. Maybe once or twice. I had that date in my head for a long while so...
Oh, the afterpains!! They are soooo bad! I feel like crying everytime we nurse. I am totally going to look for cramp bark!
Baby boy Gilliam Gregory arrived today at 11:32am. After 3 intense contractions and lots of nights of prodromal Labor, he flew into his daddy's hands on our bedroom floor. 9 pounds 5 ounces, 22 inches long.
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