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Just this past week I have started feeling lots of movement. I'm 22 weeks. Almost everyday, baby does a dance on my bladder as I am driving home from work..nice timing! By the time I get home I feel like I'm gonna pee my pants! Last night baby was going crazy in there, I'm convinced it was a party. Either that or clam sauce is a favorite!
Feel like I am doing better with the protein., I can't eat too much at once because then I feel like crap so the key is paying super close attention to what I'm eating all the time. That's hard for me so I started planning a little ahead of time..I have a super packed day of soccer, gymnastics, and dance competition so we will see how today works out!
I love Everleigh, ripley, callum, there are so many good names here! This thread is giving me fresh eyes to look at my own short(long!) list of names.. If it's a girl I would like the middle name to be paula(family).. I was thinking Aveline Paula (pronounced av-eh-line) In a perfect world I would love to use a Japanese name..but dh is aa and I am white, so do you think a Japanese name is going to far? We really like Suzume which means sparrow, pronounced sue-zu-may....
I want to join!
That's beautiful! I think you did a very good job!
How does one manage to consume 80-100g of protien a day..this the recommendation from the birth center in my area. It seems so hard!
Just wanted to chime in and say, vv, don't ever give up hope. I had a cat that went missing for about four or five months and just assumed the worst..I was up late making some food and he jumped up on the window sill just like he always did to be let in...freaked me the heck out! It had been so long. He had lost a lot of weight but, was otherwise a-ok. We couldn't believe it!
I'm glad I'm not the only one not seeing them. I thought I was doing something wrong and just couldn't remember where to go..lol.
I have my first midwife appointment on January 19. So excited! Although not so excited at the prospect of getting my first pap in 4 years..alas I know it needs to be done.
"yay, two limes" lol..stupid autocorrect! And "sexplore" was pretty funny too.
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