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I got some work done. I had a bunch of stuff cut out ready to put on, but threw about half of it away when it came time. I'm still working.
I did too! It took a lot of effort to get my paper to burn. A few pieces just wouldn't go!
I'm just writing 1-3 words. I think I'm going to form some of them into really specific sentences.
I like the idea of writing and burning what I don't want. I finished the big cleaning and purging. Kitchen could still use some work and I have laundry to fold (who doesn't)? I'm taking a bath now to release and relax and cleanse.
New Year's Eve
Treasure mappers nye!
Some ideas   Let THE spirit guide you. Don’t worry about if deserve something, or have earned it. If you think it should be on there, or you want it on there, then put it there. No judgements. There are no coincidences.   The First House is about identity and how other's see you. This house also rules the personality, attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It describes how you...
No reason you can't make a list of positive affirmations at anytime. For nagging, how about "I speak kind and positive words." For number 2, you could use, "I will only vent when the time and recipient is appropriate. My venting is productive." For the last one I like to say "I am blessed to be a blessing."
I'd say don't wash it unless it's really dirty, not just seems like its time to wash, you know? Also, try to give him control by using a shampoo bar. You can cut a small portion for his hand and they suds up less. You could also try some no poo methods like baking soda and vinegar.
Put it in writing. "I do not consent to xyz procedure. They are required to offer it. You are not required to accept it. http://www.vaclib.org/letters/refusal_treatment.pdf
New Posts  All Forums: