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so i have pretty naturally curly hair and my dreads love to try and curl up on me. makes them look all wild. sometimes it's cute, but often it looks more like i just don't wash my hair than like i have dreads. it gets especially bad when i wash them or get them wet at all. will they eventually lock up enough and start looking more like dreads? is there anything i can do to help tame them or encourage them to straighten out?
how do all you lovely ladies get beads to stay in your hair? do you have to wait until they are really locked up nicely? I tried putting a few beads in, but they've all fallen out. I am wondering if it is because my dreads are still tightening or because there's some magic trick to beautiful beads that i don't know about
Hey Ladies! Joining this thread finally as a dready mama too! I'm about 3 months and am loving my dreads :)   So I work in a very earthy vegan restaurant/holistic center mainly as an herbalist and energy worker. But occasionally I serve customers too. So today I get into work and there is a letter posted on the bulletin board that among other complaints says "and there was a woman working there with a hairstyle that showed she clearly hadn't washed her hair in weeks...
So i've been making lacto-fermented salsa for years...LOVE it! This year, i made a GIANT batch of it yesterday and was letting it sit on the counter for three days (nights here right now are chilly days are in the 70's outside). So i come home today and my salsa is singing to me...like loudly gurgling away. I open the jar to check on it and it's so bubbly that it's literally moving! i've never seen this happen before. I pushed the stuff now and pushed out some of the air...
also, can you describe how having dreads has affected your psoriasis...and or vice versa? did the plaques build up really thick or did it kinda even out without being able to scratch it/have your comb or brush scratch it. i often wonder what would happen if i were to completely let the psoriasis be, but then end up accidently scratching and then picking and pulling the plaques off and knowing it prob makes is soooo much worse! so that's part of why i want to dread my...
Quote: Originally Posted by inkedmamajama but if you cannot tolerate having messy hair that you have no control over, why would you dread? . it's not that i can't tolerate my hair being messy...its more a matter of balancing demands of work (altho i work in a very "earthy crunchy" kind of place) with getting to a place of having nice dreads and knowing that wild and crazy hair is part of the process...
Ok ladies so I am VERY seriously considering taking the plunge into dreadiness! But...a few things I'm worried about... *that I will look like a crazy mess for too long *that my hair is too short (shortest layers are at least 4 inches, maybe 5) *that I will miss my curls *that my psoriasis will cause too much of a flaky mess All that being said...I may start dreading this weekend (twist and rip method and maybe a little backcombing is what I'm leaning towards)
thank you so much for the info! On the days that you dont shampoo, do you take a shower? Do you let them get wet or try your best to keep them dry in the shower?? Do you by any chance have pictures of your dreads that you wouldn't mind sharing? And maybe even pictures that highlight what you would consider to be a bad flake day?? Thanks so much!
Hi Ladies...so I have moderate to severe psoriasis on my scalp and I really want to dread my hair but I'm worried about how the psoriasis will affect them. Do any of you have experience with dreads plus psoriasis?? Thanks so much!
Thanks for the reply! How long do I leave it in the dehydrator? Also, I end up with mold, is the whole batch shot? Or can I carefully get rid of just the top layer?
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