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So I am really excited and scared and you  name it.  ds will be 4 in Feb, and I had my tubes tied 3 years ago, when we were POSITIVE we didn't want more kids.  WELL, we were not done.  I was 27 when I had it done.  I am now 31 dp is 29.  we have both been talking baby talk for years now. He keeps mentioning that a woops through the tubal would be great, and I agree, But I doubt I will be that 1%, so last night he said you wore me down...lol.  BUT here is my issue, I...
This is ONE of the biggest problems, she thinks that this one group of "friends" are her friends, but she gets picked on by them, and she doesn't know it. We have talked to her teacher (whom I went to school with)  We have gone over and over what a real friend is.  She does have one friend who is such a sweet girl.  Outside of school we only "allow" her to hang out with certain kids.  I know that sounds bad, but these other girls are FAR from savory. kwim?  That is a...
OP: Here is a great Birth story for you to read http://birthwithoutfearblog.com/2011/12/21/home-birth-of-twins-born-past-41-weeks-one-footling-breech/
My dp and I are struggling with my dd's.  One is 10y/o and one is 7.  Their father and I are divorced and they visit between our homes basically when they want.  I like that they can call their dad and  go, but lately when it is time for bed and there is no tv, they call there dad and cry that we are being mean and to come pick them up.  This is  very frustrating because my ex feels like I should just let them have tv, or let him pick them up at bedtime.  I do not know...
It was such a relief to have my $$ put back!!!!  Thanks for the hugs!!!
I get to the bank today and my account is negative, hmmmmm well come to find out someone had hacked it and took all my $$ which was not a lot.  So I had to spend way too long there making the bank put my $$ and fee's back,which they did after me basically crying to them.  And then I cancel that account, and open a new one... good times good times
Grrrrrrr I would of been all
I wish I could be brave enough to get nudey shots done.  I don't have myself nakey butt hanging, but I have many "naked lady" paintings hanging on my walls
Oh wow, thanks for doing this, mine is a "silly" question..... So I had a tubal (which I regret)  Is there any sperm sneaking past the clamps, and producing a babe in my future????????? I am asking this cause last night ds told me I had two girls in my belly....lololol Thanks =)
Ummm no, but thanks for asking. I just happen to be fat, yup 2 times this week I was asked this.  Yesterday by a lady I work with, Really?!?!?  I see you EVERYDAY!!!  The first time was a resident, so no biggy, but a coworker????? UGH, Not only does it make me feelicky about myself, but I was with a friend, who had a recent loss, and someone asked her.  Poor thing didn't know what to say.  Think before you ask!!!! Thanks there is my mini rant
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