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......and now I want an octopus
We use a angel that dd2 made when she was 3
Good luck, as you know from my other post I am working on that too  lol, HAVE A GREAT DAY MAMA!
One more...lol In labor with ds, dp's first  Had a WONDERFUL and calm natural hospital birth =)
Zebra, I do not know how you would go about that, do you have any groups in your area?  Could you start one?
We are planning mostly dunstan chestnuts, they do not get blight quite as often if at all.....
Not as crunchy as some but, Your milk still comes in a glass bottle, as in cow not human hehehe You eat the WHOLE dandelion People hate that your house is so dark Your eggs are still warm when you crack them open an old sheet looks like the perfect carrier Your dc are disgusted when they see trash on the ground ( except for ds who throws his on the ground ) The meat in your freezer has been harvested and cut up by your own hands  Not so...
Just saw this and wanted to say I am so sorry that happened!!!!!!  That is so sad.  I had the opposite happen.  My community as a whole is pretty crunchy, which is good in ways and bad at times (don't flame me) But I Didn't make milk, i'm talking not even a drop, when I was pregnant with my first I was sooo excited to have my breasts get bigger....lol, I know silly.  Nothing changed in them, NOTHING.  after she was born I nursed and nursed, and waited for my mil to come...
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