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I had one done 3 years ago.  I had it done almost a year after ds was born.  It was outpatient, the pain was really just like bad menstural cramps.  Not bad at all.  The one thing that sucked was the nasuesness from the drugs...ick!  BUT I do advise you to be 110% you want it done, I am now regretting mine
Wood is not a problem, we just have to get the stove installed, on the bright side, I just walked in the house from work, and the heat is up and running.  The joys of a tiny town is I can tell them to just walk in and start up the furnace, even though I wasn't able to be here!!!!
I wake up last night FREEZING, Well low and behold we ran out of fuel oil!!!!!!    We had all these great intentions on installing our wood stove before winter, and here it Dec and we didn't have the $$$ to get it installed, and now I am waiting on the oil comp to open so I can call and sell my soul to them for heat   Soooooo here is to a very COLD day, cheers
I am so sorry mama!!!!!!!  It can be soooo hard!!!  The therapist is NOT going to tell you to leave your children, unless you are a harm to them, which it does not sound like.  You are mourning your old life.  The steps you have taken thus far do make you a good mama.  I am sorry that you feel you are not.  Start with baby steps.  When dc says lets do this puzzle and you feel like runing to the hills, just TRY.  You may find that the little things start adding up to big...
Thank you all!!!!!  I had a short convo with x, and he wouldn't even listen.  I do see that it is time.  I don't want her to have fear where fear is unwarrented..ya know?!  But I am going to call social services (?)  I am assuming they will have the rules and guidelines about age etc in our area.  Like greenmami mentioned just so I can't get backlash from x.  I am nervous but  very excited to see dd "start".  
Never tried it   SNOW????
I thought it was just my computer...
DS has been up all night (literally) for 2 nights.  My body is not use to this and man am I dragging.  He has been running a little fever, only at night, and it is really bothering him.  He is so upset and crying, and I can not make him feel better   DP said you should just get him the flu shot....UMM REALLY?!?!?!?  That will make him feel better?!?!?  Not happening dude!!!!  He is a grumpy man at night.  So I hope i'm not jinxing myself, but tonight I NEED sleep.......
We are very excited, dp actually txted me a pic from the grocers of chestnuts...lol.... He is like a kid in a candy store.  PLUS we need more time together and what better way than to have a chestnut farm
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