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Thanks, everyone!   To be honest, I just don't know, Part of the problem is that I do not want a child to move in ad then have to change families because of me or my kids. (Unless there are problems that would cause the child to be moved, no matter what.) When I foster, I don't leave the child with anyone else (not even my dd) unless I must, like for meetings the child may not attend. I guess my eagerness comes from the fact that I do not have other "projects,"...
Yes, the home schooling part does not worry me at all... It is really the baby that I am wondering about.
Thanks for the response!   Just to clarify, school aged kids are not possible for us, as we live in a different municipality than the one our foster kids come from, so we are too far for them to keep going to the same school. (Long story, but this is how it must be.) So, we can choose 0-5 or something like that.   We did just witness one of those really tough toddler placements. The kid (toddler, really) got very close to being sent to a facility due to...
I used to write here as we were researching whether we could adopt. We then became short term foster parents and had two wonderful placements, both young babies. Only weeks after a baby had moved in, I realized I was finally pregnant after years of secondary infertilility. Thus I am now on "mothernity leave" from fostering, at least until our baby turns 1.   We had waited until our older child turned 6 until we felt she was ready to be "big sister" to a foster...
I think I also know which forum you are talking about.... I cannot go there because I always end up full of rage and sadness.
Our little guy arrived with a hand up, also. While the labor was much easier than my first, the pushing stage was not fun... actually harder than the first.
Respectfully, the hospital I worked with disagrees with you on this. 
Horsens here. :)   By the way, WHO was at the Mediaval Festival a couple of weeks ago, wearing a baby in a, I think, Kinderpack? There is absolutely no babywearing here, other than those Bjorn things, (and myself) so that really caught my attention. 
Back in Denmark. Please PM if anyone near Århus wants to get together.... I always enjoy a nice cafe and a chat.
Is there a time limit to doing this?
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