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just so you all know, we have a very active facebook group that is closed but you can request to come in. we have lots of pictures up and we talk daily about all kinds of things. :) you have to request to join.    http://www.facebook.com/groups/spring2011babies/
we've mostly moved over to here before they archive us to get ready for the may 2012 babies!  come join us!   http://www.facebook.com/groups/spring2011babies/?id=234335693270965¬if_t=group_activity
ugh. i hope my body decides to go with LAM and not have that happen. i will be so upset :( especially after assuming it would because it did with my son. ugh ugh ugh. we do block feed :) keeps the green poop at bay! haha
thank you! we cosleep and babywear and nurse on demand...i feel like this is unfair!! i haven't got a period yet but i dread it coming. *sigh* the pacifiers are GONE. well they are still here, but she is not getting one. i will give it to her in the car so i don't crash from the screaming but other than that no way. i told my husband and he is completely on board even if she is grumpy readjusting to not being allowed a soother. i have an overactive letdown and i think...
We are 9 weeks postpartum and I feel like I'm getting my period back. I am moody, crampy, had a little brown discharge. The full deal. I AM DEVASTATED. I seriously feel like I am going to cry any minute. It doesn't help that we are going camping for a week. Ugh. I know that it is common to get one period after lochia because I had one with my son, but I don't remember if it FELT like a period or was just bleeding. I went on to be period-free until he was 14 months...
congrats! also: my fundal height was 36w at my 39w appt. the baby ended up being 9lbs 3.5oz and 20.5 inches long ;)
I kind of think Isla Maya sounds like salad dressing.    I LOVE Isla though! One of my favourite girl names. What about Camille? Molly? Poppy? 
i think we were under agreement that 2 was our limit, but i don't think either of us are done now that we have zao :) we do want to adopt or foster, but i kind of really badly want just ONE MORE BABY in like 5 years.  and then adopt down the road. 
oh man we have made some cute babies.
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