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Usual negative quotes here and there but overall very positive!  !http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/sep/14/freebirthing-birth-without-medical-support-safe
Hi Kristin, I can sell you a copy of my book, Unassisted Childbirth.  It will be less than Amazon.  Contact me at laurashanley@comcast.net.  Thanks! Laura
Congratulations, Meg!  Laura
This article was posted today on the Canadian Medical Association Journal web site. This forum is mentioned. Horrible title, and usual negative quotes from "experts" but actually not too bad!  http://www.cmaj.ca/earlyreleases/8mar11_frontier2-vogel.dtl Laura
I wish I could say I've read it but I haven't! I should be receiving a copy in a few weeks. Has anyone seen it, and if so what did you think? Laura
I thought she did a nice job! http://mothering.com/jennifermarguli...-laura-shanley Much love to everyone, Laura (who is still alive but hardly ever has time to post here anymore)
Lovely!! Thanks so much for sharing, and please tell your friend congratulations! Laura
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Missie! And happy birthday to Faith and Crismas!! Laura
Take a few deep breaths first. Talk about one-sided. Sheesh. http://www.the33tv.com/news/kdaf-bir...,5222256.story Plus both the ending quote on the web site, and the anchor guy's ending statement were wrong. The article says less than 1% of births take place at home (I believe it's now between 1 and 2%, isn't it?). And the anchor man quotes her as saying that less than 1% of home deliveries are unassisted. From the research I've done, it's much higher. In the...
Not bad, as far as these things go (I sound like a broken record!). I had heard about the article from Shauna and Jennifer but wasn't interviewed for it. As usual, the dangers of hospital birth were minimized, but it was nice that once again, Jennifer got the last word! Interesting to see this stat (since I'm always asked about stats): "The number of home births unattended by either a doctor or a midwife jumped by nearly 10 percent between 2004 and 2006, climbing...
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