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I too vote to put her in now, our school still has 3 months to go before summer break. If it's not working then you need to do something, if you feel she will thrive on the routine then she will love it. She'll get to make some friends and have fun along with some learning, and maybe she'll have friends that she can have play dates with over summer. Kids in K are pretty friendly bunch it's not like she'd be starting mid year in 6th grade and be the odd one out. I'd go...
No way are you over reacting, that is such a major health hazzard. Is there any way you could call the health department without him finding out? Like maybe right after the Electric meter has been read, or a plumber came out or something like that? Then your Dh may not jump to the conclusion that it's you.
Quote: Originally Posted by zebra15 I will update later but ITS OVER.... I will recieve full credit for ST. Im back home.... took a long relaxing shower... having lunch and just 'being' for a bit... Today was truly enlightening but I will post about it later. Thanks for everyones support and shoulders to lean on. I am headed to the desert this afternoon for some quiet time. Oh what a beautiful day.... Congratulations on getting...
Make sure to hand him a 30 day notice in case uncomfortable doesn't make him leave. What a mess. Time to stop letting anyone come and stay and concentrate on just you Dh and the kids for the time being.
So sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shera971 You were absolutely right. I have a large dog. He is ALWAYS leashed and whenever I see people, I always put him on a heel. I know that he will be fine greeting strangers BUT the strangers don't know that. Especially children. Even children who are used to dogs can be intimidated by a large dog running at them and barking. My biggest pet peeve is when a dog (large or small) comes running up to me and the owners...
I'm not a dog lover. I'd have been panicked if I'd have been alone with my arms full and seen a big dog heading towards my kids, unleashed and circling them. Friendly or not people should be more responsible, the dog beach was further up and the signs said no dogs, I would not have been so nice, probably after I screamed from where I was as it got to my kids.
Family of four is only used as an average, they will adjust the numbers based on whether you have 1 or 10 children accordingly.
How wonderful. A day off. Have a great time on the vacation. I've been keeping up on Coronation street myself lately, FilmOn is my friend
Holy cow I'd be seriously PO'd if I came home to that. Is he sick? Or has he lounged in bed all day and left the child to his own devises, only providing food as needed. He needs to wake up and do some parenting (unless he's sick), if sick then all is forgiven give the child food and shut the bedroom door. Is this something you come home to every time he is home alone with the child?
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