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(((hugs))) Cut the ties, mourn for the life and partner that is gone and be gentle with yourself. Slowly you will come around, day by day, One day you will be happy again it all takes time.
Dh's sleep talking increases a lot when he's stressed but it's never as you have described, he just makes me giggle so bad I wake him up. Heres hoping sleeping in the kiddo's room will push him of to the doctor that bit quicker
Quote: Originally Posted by mimosagirl I'm happy you are in your home country and he's not. Right now I feel for you very much and I'm mad at him! He seems incredibly childish... I agree with the post that said it's a red flag that he Would blame you for that night. That was a good way to put it. About the social life thing, again- not your sole responsibility! I moved to Europe for my BF (and I like Europe too). It's hard at times but I'm very...
Quote: Originally Posted by zebra15 Long story, monday 3/22 is my last day - 3rd hr after my evaluation from my university. (We have a week of spring break). I have no idea why this mentor teacher is so unstable and backstabbing but I recieved a call from my liasion from university today. I dont know if I am happy or sad. Either way this toxic person will be removed from my life. I know I am not an awful person, I know I am not a horrible teacher,...
I check prices with Expedia and travelocity them book with the airlines direct. I book hotel rooms with Booking.com We got a hotel on the beach in Spain last summer, dirt cheap.
Is she afraid you will be better at her job than she is? She sounds so insecure. Is there a rating or feedback system in place after the placement is done? If so I'd recommend that they not use her in the future as she is difficult to communicate with and doesn't make herself clear. Or you can say it in a not so tactful way
Get out the calendar and big red pen and mark off the days till you are done. You can do it, hang in there, don't let that teacher mess with you and your career plans. Come back here and vent about the awful things that are getting you down, we'll all give you a hand to get through.
Could it be frostnip
I usually wait till no fever, sore throat, etc etc for 24hrs and acting like normal before sending them back to school.
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