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I vote other, Dh changed his last name and I changed mine to his when we married and all the kids have that name too. So it can get confusing with the grandparents around, Dh and FIL have different names, but funnily enough my mother married a man with the same last name Dh had changed too (no relation) so people assume my mother is really Dh's mother.
I'd read Protecting the gift and be more firm. I am more disturbed by the inserting himself in between you and your Dd, trying to separate you, and taking her in his room. When your stomach tells you No, go with it. He's blowing off your concerns and making you feel they aren't valid, making you look like you are over reacting, then when things finally go bad and he's harming the girls, no one will give it a second look and won't even listen or believe you. He's...
eBay Lands End overstocks LL Bean Hanna Andersson Little Monkey toes.com (really good sales on cute kid shoes) Theres more I'm sure, I buy more online than in the stores we live to far out to go shopping too often.
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I can't believe I am spending my Saturday night reading about the history of milk bags. On the other hand, I now have a fabulous new nickname for my breasts.
Dd starts K at the end of July (odd school year schedule) I've been filling out her paperwork and have an appointment at the docs for her physical next friday. I'm feeling really hesitant about sending her. She is my last child, so I've been there before. I'm not sure if thats why I'm hesitant or if it's because she's a challenging child. I worry she's going to get over excited and out of control, and if talked to harshly she gets her feelings hurt so easily and will bust...
Quote: Originally Posted by GuildJenn I'm with you. I rarely attend night time things for the schools, we are rural, theres no lighting anywhere, Dh works at night so I'm alone with the kids and in winter I'm not going anywhere except in a dire emergency. The make up assignment should be for 100% of the original one, no one can be forced to attend school outside hours unless they would like to come by and pick up and drop of my kids.
Congratulations to both of you. How wonderful. My Dh is the son of teen parents who didn't nearly as good a job as you have done. But it made him determined to do a better job for his own children and he has/is still doing a wonderful job.
With two laid off parents I'd do it, kids, to feed, mortgage to pay, Once you have a job it seems easier to move onto another company. I'd vaccinate, salute your flag, make a deal with whoever and do whatever I had to do if it meant keeping my kids safe, warm and in my home and in my care. Maybe that is compromising my beliefs, but it'd be better than loosing my kids, or starving and being homeless. Once out of the bad situation and back on my feet, I'd flip them the...
How wonderful for her, she's going to be able to do so much with her family, so many things to see and do
I'm living like that too, Dh works a weird shift and gets up at 11am for work. Dd is 5, I think it will be better when she starts K as she can be more "normal" As it is, I do try to stay a little quieter before about 9am, eat, watch some cartoons (yeah I know) and even let her play at starfall.com with headphones on. But some days she's loud. Her Dad will get up and usually not mention it, but thats life with a little kid. I want her to be loud sometimes. I have noticed...
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