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Thanks very much. I just bought TapaTalk 4, which is currently on sale for $1, and installed it and it seems to be working well. So I'm on board!
I'm a bit late joining the party. I'm Sarah, 39 years old and 12 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. My existing children are 8, 5 and just turned 2. We've been travelling for the last six weeks so I wasn't able to join until now. I don't get much computer time so I haven't been on MDC much in the last few years. I'm a phone girl these days. Have things changed with mobile accessibility?   I'm looking forward to reading back and getting to know you all. I hope that...
Hello,   These days, the best way to meet new people is to join the extremely active FB group called Amsterdam Mamas. You may need to be added by a member, I'm not sure. If so, just send me an e-mail at sarahm at gmail dot com and I'll get you added. There are also still LLL meetings. The old leader has moved away and a new leader is in town. I can put you in touch with her as well. Welcome to Amsterdam!   Sarah
I've had a pretty crazy week and I thought I'd pop in and summarize it.   Last Tuesday my little man was 2 weeks and 6 days old and he felt like he had a fever in the early hours of the morning.  When we got up I took his temp and it was 38.15.  I looked on the internet and saw that all the mainstream medical sites say that you have to call your doctor immediately if a newborn's temp is over 38.  So I called and got an appointment with a nearby family doctor because...
Have you tried sleeping with her on top of you or pressed up tightly next to you?  This is what I do and my boy sleeps really well that way.  If I try putting him away from me he wakes up either immediately or pretty quickly.
Am I totally blind?
I want to echo what the others have said.  I screamed my head off.  I am a horrible pusher and that phase took me a long time.  Afterwards, my midwife commented to my husband that it could have been faster.  They all thought I was working against myself.  The same comments were made last time about my pushing stage.  I find these comments a bit hurtful, even though I know they're not meant that way.  My midwife happens to herself be a good pusher.  My friends who have...
My little guy is 10 days today, born on the 27th.  So far he's very easy.  He sleeps constantly.  I'm CDing him and I've started with some EC, with surprising success!  I started on day 5 or 6 and I've been catching at least a few pees each day and a few poops in total.  At first I was bringing him to pee when I thought he looked like he was going to pee (during diaper changes), but now there have been several occasions where he isn't showing any signs of needing to pee...
Okay.  She says that the first piece that you have straight after the birth should be the size of a fish stick.  All subsequent pieces should be 2/3 of a fish stick.  I believe the center of the placenta with the veins is the most powerful part, and that's where you start and then work outwards.
My friend has done lots of reading about it and she has made them for me.  She prepared the placenta chunks and then gave the rest to the midwife to dry and powder for capsules.  She makes it with frozen strawberries, coconut WATER and banana.  As for the chunk size, I will ask her today and get back to you.  Aargh, baby crying, gotta go.  Downside of having him on the outside!
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