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There's definitely nothing to be nervous about.  Especially at this stage of the game they are very gentle.  It won't hurt.  The only adjustment that anyone has ever done on me that has been at all awkward or uncomfortable is neck adjustment where you lie on your back and they hold your head and then do a rather sudden fast movement to adjust a vertebra in your neck.  It doesn't hurt, it's just a bit vulnerable-feeling.  The key is to really concentrate on relaxing so...
Before this pregnancy I had a missed miscarriage.  I tried everything to get myself to miscarry.  Everything.  I have a friend who is very into supplements and she had some EPO that she claimed to be of the highest quality.  I started taking that in great quantities and finally miscarried within a few days.   Then it turned out that that miscarriage was incomplete.  After a couple of months of spotting I had a very crampy day and I remembered that EPO was meant to be...
Thanks for the laugh.  I needed that.
That's very interesting.  I guess there are advantages to living below sea level, as I do!
I agree with you that 7500 feet is very different from sea level.  I used to live in Denver at about 5300 feet and visitors certainly felt it.  However, I would have thought that an early baby that gestated at 7500 feet wouldn't have any more trouble breathing that air than an early baby who gestated at sea level would have breathing that air.  Hm, I wonder how that works.  Are similar preemies less successful at altitude?
Thanks for the replies.  It sounds like I can potentially expect to feel like this for a LONG time.  I don't relish that idea, but I would like to make it until at least July 23rd, the first day of the summer vacation (so I don't miss end of school events) and the first day that my midwife will be back in town from her vacation (which will begin this weekend).  I don't mind the contractions so much, but I'm not a fan of the strange headachy/crampy feelings that are...
Starting yesterday afternoon I noticed myself getting BH contractions pretty frequently.  I get them a lot on my bike or if I climb the stairs or something, but much less frequently if I'm just lying there reading a book, as I was doing.  Then yesterday evening I was just sitting watching TV and I was getting them every 5 minutes.  I finally mentioned this to DH, who freaked of course.  He spent the rest of the evening asking me why I was breathing "that way" and such....
Yes, it can definitely be weeks and weeks.  My baby has been engaged for at least 6 weeks now, and this is my third and I'm at 35+3.  My babies have all engaged early.  They don't roll around.  They just stay basically put and wiggle.  This one really feels like it's going to fall out, though.  I've never had that before.
One of my favorite things about having a baby is those mesh underpants.  They are the greatest.  And sexy, to boot...okay, maybe not.
I can't imagine using normal pads.  Over here we get a box of birth supplies shipped to us and in it are several packs of MASSIVE pads.  They are about twice as long as a normal long pad and 4 times as thick.
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