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I suspect it's a misprint.  12lbs is about the amount that most people lose on the day of the birth!  8lb of baby, 1-2lb of placenta and a few lb of fluid.   They don't weigh you here or talk about it at all.  Maybe if you are huge they do, I don't know.  And I do know that you can't be obese and have a homebirth.  My midwife told me the figure at my last appointment and now I've forgotten it.  Maybe if you weigh more than 85kg or something pre-preg?  It wasn't a...
I say head down, butt in the 90% area, feet in the huge but infrequent area.  So basically bent in half with back to your right.  Mine is very similar and I'm my way to the midwife this morning, so I'll report back on how she says it's positioned.
I wonder if she might have meant 12kg, or 26lbs.  I could believe that.   As for me, I'm up 10kg, or 22lbs, at 32+5.  That puts me pretty much on track with my other pregnancies, so I'm happy with it.  I am generally a low amniotic fluid person, so I think that's why my weight gain is lower than average.  And I don't swell.
I had no afterpains with my first and plenty with my second.  I found them more painful than labor since they just go on and on.  I see that the after-ease comes in 1 and 2 ounces.  Which should I buy?
God, I thought I was in reasonable shape but there's absolutely no way I could even contemplate running right now!  (I'm 32.5 weeks.)  I have trouble walking up two flights of stairs.  I still bike everywhere, but I do it VERY slowly and I have to avoid carrying two kids on the bike if at all possible.  One is okay, but two puts me over the limit quickly.
To clarify, do you mean three at 30 minutes before, three at 20 minutes before and three at 10 minutes before?  Or three at 30 minutes before and then three more every 10 minutes if you wake up and can't get back to sleep?  
My midwife is super duper alternative.  She's very hands off and doesn't stick to all the guidelines about hospital transfer and such.  My appointments with her vary between 1 and 2.5 hours.  Perhaps you get the idea.   At a recent appointment she told me about a ritual that she and her partner organize in which some stones are laid out in a field in a spiral and pregnant women and their partners do something where they walk around on these rocks and some unknown...
I've done it both ways, so I can totally identify with those of you who are lamenting the post-partum care, or lack thereof, in the States.  DD was born in California and she came 6 days early after several extremely stressful days in which I had to switch backup OB unexpectedly or lose my homebirth.  At the time we went out for a lot of meals and just generally did the young professional thing so we had little food in the house.   DD was born on a Thursday night and...
In past pregnancies I have had the numb arm thing when sleeping on my back.  This time I haven't had it.  I don't care what anyone says, though, I just refuse to believe that my body would let me sleep in a position that would kill my baby.  That's just completely unbelievable.  So I say as long as you feel comfortable, the position that you are in is safe.
Just to make you all jealous, I'll tell you how it works here regarding the whole cleaning issue.  About 30% of births are at home.  Regardless of where you give birth, you get a nurse who comes to your house every day for about 8 days for about 5 hours per day.  If the birth was at home she does all the clean-up.  She checks your fundal height and vaginal healing every day, makes sure the baby is peeing and pooping and not too jaundiced and eating well and that sort of...
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