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So, did anyone's baby NOT sign back? I've been signing since DD was around 7mos and she's now 12mos! She definitely knows what the milk sign means, but she doesn't sign back.
Quote: Originally Posted by mollyeilis Sounds like progress! Wanted to comment on that...just making sure that you feed him from the same side for two or three (or more) times in a row, to make sure he's getting hindmilk. The extra fat in the hindmilk, I would imagine, will fill him up longer and help him to sleep better, too! I've been lurking because I have similar probs (night wakings, not mold). I'm going to try this. We've been...
I just bought DD her first pair of Robeez used off the TP. They are adorable, but I don't think they are a good fit for her. They have plenty of room to grow in the toes, but the elastic is really tight around her chubby little ankle. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know what other brands might fit her foot better? Thanks!
Last night DD fell asleep on the breast. I wanted to take her off so I could go the restroom. When I tried to slip her off, she clamped down on my nipple. She didn't break the skin, but there were teeth marks on the outer edge of the areola. Some blood came out of one of the ducts. I iced it. Today it feels tender, but not too bad-- not as bad as plugged duct. Anybody else experienced this?
You mentioned that it might be for attention. Does she do it when you aren't in the room?
Having come down with pink eye a few days ago I looked it up here and found advice to use colloidal silver. I rushed over to the health food store, but the two kinds they had both said "Do not use in eyes!" Are there different kinds? Do you just ignore this warning? I'm scared to use it now. Thanks
nak another vote for lana wool pads. lillypadz didn't work well, plus awkward for nip- where do you put them?
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesMama I kept a ponytail holder on my wrist. It's cheaper and serves the same purpose, plus it works to keep my hair out of my DS's reach when I'm changing dipes! nak another pontytail elastic user here!
I love having both. Back carriers were never comfortable for me in the meitai-- I know some people swear by it, but it just didn't work for me. When I want to do a back carry I use the Ergo and it is soooo comfortable. But I still use the meitai for front carries and nursing. In response to one of the pps- I always tie on my meitai without the baby in it! I fold the body over and wrap the straps around my waist and tie them. When I'm running errands I leave it on...
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