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Plant Dyeing Workshop (for adults) – Spring harvest in the dye garden Saturday, June 15th 9:00AM - 5:00PM $95, including materials Harvesting plants, creating dye pots and receiving colors - the whole experience of these activities nourishes our souls and enlivens our whole beings. We will dig madder roots that are ripe in the soil, and harvest weld that are tall with juicy green leaves, and more depending on what is available in the season! We will...
personally, i would go to one of the larger raw food supply sites and get them there...imported from Europe, before I would use the pasteurized ones. They cost a lot, but this law is madness AND the almonds taste totally different. Insanity. Almond milk is awesome, though! It's worth the search.
Hi Heidi, We are in Homeschooling in Greenwich. Feel free to send me a message with any questions! :-)
We used both of these books during 1st grade as well, along with the OM Fairy Tales block. My son was also reading well when we did all this. We still had a blast. We came up with Friday night poetry night each week featuring a certain letter...so much fun. I loved first grade.  The Wise Enchanter didn't thrill me particularly, but my DS absolutely loved it. It's well done, I think I was just burned out on princes and princess and well, fairy tale stuff...since we did...
Oh, I see now that you've already ordered it. I suppose you'll see the table of contents soon enough. lol   It is mainly Grimm's and some other folktales, some well-known ones like Rumpelstiltskin. There are also a couple of "modern" stories. We had fun with the block, I think we swapped out a couple OM stories for ones we found more interesting/less weak. It was fine for us. We were able to use it as a base and then add in our own creativity to make it...
Hi, I have OM first grade. They do provide illustrations for each letter right inside the fairy tale book! If you'd like I can pm you the table of contents. 
how old is your son? I think I can offer some input, but age is an important factor. 
try hummus! It may sound weird but it's GOOD! 
Hi everyone!   We're still here...currently on the 31st floor of a Manhattan skyscraper.  We have started our 3rd grade year with some math review and a form drawing block. Our form drawing has finally come into its own, soooo beautiful.   Next week we are moving into our house, so we will have to once again establish a new rhythm...but how perfect, just in time for autumn in New England.   Lucie, I think "Looking Forward" is out of print now, sadly. I have a...
well they are in the ballpark and you can't beat the price...for anyone that has that as an issue.     
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