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It's definitely true for us (my twins are now 7 years old). Downside: sometimes it feels like a never-ending "playdate," and the silliness can overwhelm me way more than the fighting. My twins are fraternal boys and they are very different people (i.e. I don't think they would naturally be friends if they weren't brothers), but they love each other sooooo much, and do get along splendidly much of the time. For us, things have been mostly dreamy ever since the sixth...
Just an FYI for anyone living in/around the Pioneer Valley (Northampton, MA), there is a new childbirth education class being offered specifically to LGBTPQ families. Sounds pretty cool. Here's the info: Quote: This class is a one-of-a-kind, deeply moving experience. LGBTPQ families come together in a positive and affirming space to prepare for their labor and birth. Over the course of this class, queer issues such as conception stories, gender, and...
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A few months ago, seemingly out of the blue, Luke and Jaz (then 6 years old) started drawing comic strips. They draw a lot, every day, so it wasn't that surprising that they'd decided to try out this new medium. But, when I started reading the strips, I realized there were a lot of naked women in them. One caption said, "ladies, you seem to have lost your panties . . . " Lena and I were like, "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" It dawned on me just a short while later....
We waited longer than we intended (our twins are 3 years, 9 months older than our third son), and it worked out perfectly. My twins were really past babyhood by the time ds#3 arrived, and I got to experience having JUST ONE baby, which would not have been true if they'd been close in age. Plus, our twins have always gotten along great with their younger brother, and they started playing together when he was just a year old. I'd definitely recommend waiting longer. Lex
I marked us as married. I also put ds#4 as my biological son even though dw gave birth to him. Seemed to fit better than "adopted" (especially since I have yet to adopt him), seeing as my name is on his original birth certificate, etc. I'm really hoping that they'll gather some statistics about queer families from this. Would be thrilled if there was a box to check that said, "queer?" Not paranoid at all. Lex
My advice would be to take things slowly with your friend. Going quickly from one relationship to another--or starting something new when you're still recovering from a divorce (however amicable it might be)--is never a good plan. And women can tend to really rush into things with each other (though, I suppose the fact that you both have kids would probably help you in that regard). Good Luck! Lex
I definitely wouldn't be ready to do an adoption 1 year into a relationship. Maybe after three years? You could still make your dp the legal guardian of your ds in the case of your death, and of course you could still allow visitation/shared custody post break-up, but if I were you I wouldn't feel ready to give up my ability to change my mind about those things so early in a partnership. Adoption would make you equal parents in the eyes of the law and the federal...
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