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I am still here! There is just not a whole lot going on at this stage, and I don't have much to say.  I think because activity on Mothering has reduced so much in the past few years, people don't hang around as much. There is not as much to do when not posting in the DDC, you know?
i just requested to join. My initials are RM
Prettyisa- We are in exactly the same situation, but the opposite! We can only agree on one girl name in the entire universe! And the doctor says she thinks it is two girls
I have been feeling movement of my twins since 14 weeks! That sounds a lot like what I have been feeling. That's your baby!
I think that any family with small kids who chooses to have a father be involved with childcare knows that he will be in contact with mothers of other children. The idea of contacting the mother is so completely ludicrous! Could you imagine contacting a SAHM's husband for permission for a playdate? You make negotiations with the parent that is present. Mystery solved.    That being said, it is fine to tell the dad directly "I prefer to be with my child the first few...
get- pertussis, it is becoming more and more common and i really don't want my kids to get it polio, though it is rare, my uncle got it before the vaccine was available, and is still suffering from post-polio syndrome in his 60s measles- complications are rare, but life-threatening   decline-  hep b, because it is not really needed in childhood chicken pox,because i know how to manage it rubella, i am immune, and there were only 7-80 cases of it in my country per...
Name? (if you feel like it) You and maybe your partners age at the birth? We will both be 30 Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Di/di What number of kids will is be for you? these are our first! Sexes? Will you be finding out? We should find out on monday if both babies cooperate EDD and or planned birth timing? Due 12 July, but I expect them to be born 19 June, for no particular reason State you live in? Berlin, Germany Anything else you want to...
My plan for vaccinating my twins who will be born this summer is to give the first dose of every vaccine alone, and then proceed on schedule. I would like the first doses to be separated so that we can be sure which vaccination causes a reaction, if any happens.  I would separate the vaccines by a week or so, in that way not actually deviating from the schedule. Is there any reason why that is not a good idea? 
I am by far the oldest in the last 4 generations of my family for having my first kid. One aunt was 28, and she was practically over the hill by our family's standards!  My sister in law lives in the same city I do, and is due one month after I am. It is nice to have someone to share it with.  Has anyone else started buying baby things yet? I have my double stroller, and some clothes I got on ebay. We are moving when the babies are 4 months old, so the big furniture...
I am pregnant with twins, and they will be my first kids! I am due July 12, but certain to go earlier. Are there other FTM around? DH and I will both be 30 when the babies are born. 
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