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 Our choices and reasons are the same as Turquesas except for HIB and pneumococcus  I've moved those vaccines into our top spot, but only for my baby. She is around a lot of kids and will be attending daycare next fall, so it's important to me she has protection.   You can still get the 9 yr old vaxed for pertussis. They would use the Tdap. Here is a site I found helpful when I was looking to catch up my 6 yr old http://www.immunize.org/ 
Exactly. Infant mortality is a measure of deaths up to 1yr of age. That's ot very accurate when you're talking about birth related deaths.  
Do you have a link for this?  
This sums up how our family feels too. FWIW, my 6 yr old and 4 yr old are currently getting caught up on the DTaP and MMR. So far, we've had no issues.
I am a former anti vax/delayed mom who is now more or less fully vaccinating my kids.   I don't have much time to type out all my reasons for the change, but much of them are similar to those described by the pp. I had a really fast labor(1hr) with my 3rd child and she was born before the midwife could get there. Everything was ok and she was fine, but it really shook me up. If anything had gone wrong, she might not be here today and that experience really lead me to...
Well I guess I haven't seen those other threads....care to link them for me? 
  I am curious about this too. How else do you explain diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox being so rare? Certianly we can all agree that herd immunity works very, very well for certain diseases we vaccinate against. Is the question then whether or not you believe creating herd immunity through vaccination is a good thing? Because I think it's very hard to argue against the idea herd immunity doesn't work for a disease like the measles.
I too have a 30lb 4yr old and am looking for ways to help him gain. He doesnt seem to have any food sensitivities and his father and I are both on the small side(dh is 5'9" 145lbs) Doc seems to think he's fine and it's just related to genetics. IMO, I think it could be something food related since he still has loose bms' from time to time.  
I believe as long as you haven't received any vaccines after you submitted the exemption, then it's ok. Technically the "all or nothing" only applys after you claim religious exemption because you can "find" religion at any point in your life. This is how the rules have been explained to me. If there was an outbreak of a disease your children were vaxed for in the past, I don't think you would hurt your exemption by proving their immunity through past medical...
    Um, no....I'm not apologizing. But thanks for your concern I was shocked that anyone would consider a c-section by an EMT as an option. I had no idea anyone would think that was possible.      
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