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it sounds like sensory issues to me. i would get him evaluated by an ot. my son was diagnosed at age 6 with spd.  if was a relief to find out and to be given tools to help him.
oops sorry, i just reread and saw you don't want to buy online
if you are still looking : http://www.blessedmaineherbs.com/apde.html carry amber teething necklaces!
we see kathy bain at the ppc clinic at childrens hospital. she is very pro breastfeeding and respectful of my choice to stop vaxing, although she believes differently. personally i was not very impressed with dr. fabrey, but that is just my humble opinion!
i agree 100% with what lotusdebi said. i absolutely educate my 5 year old about the significance of president elect barak obama. he witnesses and feels the emotions around him. he witnessed thousands of people peacfully and lovingly cheering obamas name. he deserves to know the power of that kind of pride hope and peace. and he knows we are all shades of brown and he takes great pride in calling his skin the color of ginger. there are many childrens book for...
i would respond to his behavior with compassion and empathy. he is screaming that his needs are not met. once he can figure out how to meet them i bet the violent behavior will go away. please also try to remember that young children do not percieve things the same way as adults. at 5 he is still learning about what his physical boundaries are. young children learn from experience. while i totally agree that a slap in the face for anyone can be a bit jarring,( i have...
when i was pregnant i cried and cried when mr. rogers died.
: i'd like to know too...
i use- vinegar,aloe or honey( smear on when you notice the burn leave on for awhile, like 20 minutes and then shower to wash off.) also, st. johns wort oil.
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