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This radio station here in town is talking about a woman who was kicked off of a flight for refusing to cover up while breastfeeding. At first they were sympathetic until they realized that the child was 22 months old. Then they started with the usual comments about how if a child is old enough to "ask" then it is too old. The female DJ even said that breastfeeding after one year was "unhealthy". The radio station is 100.5 The Zone in Sacramento, the DJs are...
Well, I no longer qualify as a "young" mom, lol...but I am a former teen mama. Lately I realize how that label never really goes away. I had my son when I was 17, and for years lived with all the judgement you all have been talking about from people. It sort of leveled out a bit and people didnt seem to notice much when I was in my 20's and he was school age, but now that he is almost 18...its weird. When I meet a new person and they learn I have an almost 18 year old...
preg at 16, delivered at 17.
I was born vaginally in a hospital, footling breech.
Such a great story...a lot of what you went through reminds me of my DD's birth...very similar.
Wonderful story, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by rmzbm And feeding a 4 month old 4 times a day! : I can't even form a comment about that... : Sheesh, I dont think my DD even left the boob 4 times a day when she was a baby.
How long til I am no longer "new member"?
OK, that's all the languages I really know.
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