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We have been playing a bit with math for a while but now dd aged 8 want more,I am clueless as to what to do next.
I want to know what you all are doing so I can get some ideas.
No we do not. We believe that at this early age our children do not need that kind of stress.
We are starting "first grade" in the fall and was wondering which  musical instrument to introduce to my dd. I do not know anything about music. My dh said any musical  instrument is good to introduce to a 6 yo.   sorry my English is a little rusty tonight.
I am glad that it's never happened to you and it probably never will, but it happens a lot. I knew a man who was the janitor of a high school and a drug dealer at the same school and  I know of others.Stories told to my dh by his teenage son and so on very sad. Funny videos though
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