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Anecdotal, but my two kids eczema are also food related. Any food can give any reaction. For one of my kids its gluten and for the other its egg and possibly chicken. Currently doing NAET treatments of rather younger one to see if it helps. I also have candida, and can get itchy skin rashes that look like eczema, if I have too much sugar. Also check into GAPS diet protocol.
Any insight with these 6yo issues? First, he was EC'd yet has nearly always had potty accidents, daytime and nighttime. Went to ped urologist in August 2012, full of poop. Miralax until just a few days ago. Is on his third round of medication trying to reduce bladder spasms, nothing so far is working. On the one hand, he says he cannot feel it coming out and I did see that happen when he was three. But he will also sit in very wet pants because he doesn't feel like taking...
Never mind, the clinic won't give it to him
Has it been tested? Could be yeast. I get itchy yeast rashes that do look like eczema, from eating too much sugar. If its yeast and its hard to get rid of or if it keeps coming back she may have candida overgrowth.
Haven't read replies but have you checked into constipation? The book It's No Accident explains how UTIs can be related to constipation.
The kids got over cp over a week ago, now DH has had symptoms since Sunday, malaise, nauseous, etc and may be starting to break out. There is a gamma globlulin but it looks like that needs to be taken within a few days of exposure and he was exposed 2 weeks ago when the kids broke out. Anyone have experience or knowledge regarding the antiviral for it? May be too late for that too since he's had the pre-symptoms for 3 days now? He is waiting for a call back from his...
I would also encourage you not to wean as there is no truly allergen free formula. When my DD was a baby, she is now almost 2, I cut out dairy and then eventually was down to just turkey and green beans literally for a month or two. Both her, my 6yo and myself get eczema and all are food related for us. Hers is caused by egg and possibly pepper. I think corn used to trigger it also but luckily no more. My sons caused by wheat/gluten and mine is from sugar it's...
No I've heard of it though. We are trying NAET right now but it's kind of a long and $ process.
I highly recommend checking into the GAPS healing diet protocol.
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