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No, but I would think a B&B would be MUCH more homey and private if it came to that.  Although you'd probably have to convince a B&B owner not to take on any more boarders, and it would be tough to know when you'd have to be there since you don't know exactly what day labor will start.
My co-op in Burnsville doesn't carry it.  Last ditch effort to try and get rid of skin yeast on myself :( I'm on my second antifungal cream and it's just getting worse.  DD has it too but I cannot use it for her because it will stain diapers, although I suppose I could temporarily go disposable.   Thanks!
Sure!  You can join our Yahoo group.  It's not terribly active, so you won't get innundated with emails, but you can ask questions, view the archives, and get meeting notices.   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/diaperfreebabyofmn/
Thanks for the replies!  I/we could not think of another consequence except he was NOT allowed in the backyard by himself until the bunnies were gone.  He is unusually rough with people, also, I think.  He tries to hit and kick us, treats his 4mo sister like a rag doll (he loves her but doesn't understand unsafe things, like you shouldn't put your hand over a babies mouth to quiet them or shake them).  There was an incident at a water park yesterday, he wanted a sprayer...
You may also want to check the book 'Getting to Dry' it is very thorough about the different types of accidents and how to treat them.
Yesterday DH found a bunny's nest in the yard.  In the evening we showed DS who will be 5yo in less than a month.  Of course, we requested that he do not disturb the nest.  But it wasn't long before both DH and I were in the house, he snuck out.  DH was by the window and heard noise/talking and saw DS holding a rabbit.  After, DS told us that he was holding one and slammed it down!  I gave him a TV remote and asked me to show how hard, and he really slammed it on the...
DS has had enough birthdays now that he expects the gifts...this year I'd really like to try a gift exchange instead where each kid can go home with something, and DS doesn't end up with a lot of toys (not that we don't appreciate them).  And with the economy, I don't want the parents to feel like they HAVE to buy something.   I've heard about book and used toy exchange, but not quite sure of the logistics or how well it would work.  There won't be many kids at the...
Thanks!  She does seem fine otherwise and in good spirits.  Oddly enough she has slept later the last couple mornings, maybe playing catch-up. 
Thanks!  Is there a website with info about this that will help me decipher?  I don't know what to look for.
Thanks!  I have lived in the same metro area all my life.  I have asthma and allergies, both food and environmental.    I have wondered about thyroid issues before, but when I was tested in 2005 it was 'normal'.   I also have PCOS, and have only taken my temp while trying to get pg.  i do have all my charts. 
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