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DD is almost 4mo.  Still trying to figure out these issues and not having much luck.  Down to chicken, brown rice, and olive oil.    It is fairly consistent that the RROD comes and goes every 2-4 days.  It's there, it goes, it comes back.  She also seems to have 'regular' diaper rash in the creases (or is it yeast??).  She is cloth diapered.   I can't possibly cut any more out of my diet.  I don't know if switching chicken to another meat is going to do any...
Thanks!  How do you know if you have circulation issues?  What are the symptoms?  I know my hands and feet always seem cold unless it's pretty warm out.  I get cold very easily.   I'm already off dairy for over a month now.   Regarding the antifungal, the book I read said not to do the 'plan' while nursing.  I do have a naturopath I can go to but being unemployed we are really low on money.
Lucky for me she sleeps good at night, her usual is waking up 2-3 times then nurse right back to sleep.  It's about 9-10 hours at night.   According to NCSS, she should be getting 5 hours of sleep during the day at this age.  Rarely she gets that.  It is also rare that she will get 2 hours at one time.  Unless she is on me, sitting on the couch or occassionally in the Moby carrier.   Like me, she is a light sleeper and wakes up fairly easily, although there have...
Hi, I am in Lakeville!  For doc needs we go to Eagan Valley peds (in AV on Cedar).  Last fall they had flu vaccine ads all over their walls, but they haven't bothered us about anything (but it may also depend on the practitioner you get).   Our son went to Angie's Angels Day Care in AV.  http://www.facebook.com/#!/angies.angels.daycare
Hmmm, I can't begin to fathom what the underlying reason is....I seem to be more prone to it as I get older.  This last pregnancy, I had chronic vaginal yeast infections pretty much the whole time.  Then at the end of the pregnancy I got it under one arm.  Now I have it under the other arm since not long after she was born, and this one is not going away.  I have been using prescription antifungal for 3 weeks now and it's gotten a little better but not going...
Thanks!  I'm wondering about:   -once sympoms are gone, how long to stay completely sugar free?  2 months?  More?   -after that period of time is it OK to add in natural sugar like fruit?   -a book said it is necessary to take antifungal along with the diet, but said NOT to do it while nursing.  I'll be nursing for at least 2-3 years!  Any option?   -does sodium lactate from beets count as sugar?  How about sweet potato and carrots?    
If so, please reply as I have a few questions.  Thanks!
Date: Saturday May 28, 2011 Time: 10:00 - 11:00 am Location: "Chutes and Ladders" Hyland Lake Park Reserve, Bloomington, MN Street: 10145 Bush Lake Road   DiaperFreeBaby of MN Meetings are generally held the third or fourth Saturday of the month at various locations around the Twin Cities. Family and friends are welcome as well as older children. Meetings last about 60-90 minutes. In case of emergency or inclement weather, meeting cancellations will be posted to...
Vanessa is awesome!  She does home visits for prenatals.   http://familytreemidwifery.com/
Thanks!  So it sounds like it's just not naturally retracted all the way and still has some to go.  That's what it looks like also, just one spot of separation that makes it look like a hole when he pulls it back.
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