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My daughter is only 6 but we're loving Math U See! She wants to move right on to the next lesson as soon as she's done with one. I like having the DVD and we sit and watch the lesson together, then I write it on the board, then she completes it in her workbook. Our curriculum (in general) is trial and error  but for this is working great for us now! 
I apologize in advance...I'm a little rusty, haven't been here in a while. I need to submit a Vaccine Exemption Letter to my daughter's Montessori School. I lost all of my bookmarks when my computer crashed, so now I'm starting from scratch with my NJ Vaccine Exemption research. Could someone help me out? The only letters I've found have very detailed descriptions and even cite Bible verses. That is NOT the route I want to take, as beliefs and interpretations can be...
Voted Elliot. Although it is traditionally a boy's name, when you say it out loud it has a very pretty feminine sound to it. Love it.
I think my 3yo dd has it too. I am brewing some chamomile tea and going to have her use the teabag as a compress for the swelling. I have colloidal silver in a spray bottle but I'm not sure if it has grain alcohol in there as a preservative so I wouldn't want to put that in her eye. She's done nursing so I don't have any breastmilk. I need to go to the store and get echinacea but we have six inches of snow and the roads are really bad. What else can I give her for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna You didn't have the hib vax- ever worry about it? -Angela :
Sorry you're dealing with such a stubborn man...but I agree wholeheartedly with this... Quote: Originally Posted by peainthepod It sounds like he has made up his mind and no amount of books, DVD's, or websites is going to convince him. What if you just say no? Not vaccinating is the default, right? We are not born with some deficiency of vaccinations. He needs to show YOU why vaccinating is necessary and worth the very real risk of vaccine injury. He...
I'm so glad you're still confident of your decision and she's dealing with the mumps just fine. What a great mama you are.
You're awesome Amanda. :
I swear we've brushed this kid's teeth up and down ever since they popped out and she's having the same problem that I had and my brother had...little brown baby teeth. Most of her teeth are fine but the two that are on either side of the big front teeth (yes i should know the names of those little teeth! ) are all discolored and pitted by her gums. We haven't used flouride up until now and I'm kinda regretting that! Maybe it could have saved her baby teeth (i know how...
Someone tell me more about Xylitol gum. Dd loves gum : and this might help us between brushings.
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