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my oldest is 4 and loves it. I haven't noticed any effects on health, positive or otherwise. It is fun though!
Lamb chop sideburns over here! Love them.
in the crockpot with some applesauce, a bit of bbq sauce and dijon mustard is really good. If it needs more liquid try apple juice or white wine (if you have it)
Can you get ducks or a pig? They make short work of scraps
So sorry to hear of your loss
thanks for the reply. it appears to be in perfect working order other than the belt. I was able to run it with the wheel on the side and it comes with extra needles, a ruffler foot, a hemming foot and some other feet I can't identify. Hopefully someone I know has a truck and I'll take some pics when I get it home
I'm hoping to buy an old treadle machine tomorrow! It's a Singer 15-88 from 1936 and has several attachments. I'm a novice, so any feedback on this type of machine would be very appreciated. They are asking $75 for it and all it needs is a belt. DOes that sound like a good price? It's in a nice cabinet. Hope you don't mind the highjack, OP!
my girls nurse and bottlefeed their toys. i don't think either is wrong or weird, and everyone thinks its very cute!
Glad to hear that you're feeling better about it!
adding a tbsp of vinegar to a mug or jar of water then pouring it on after you rinse out the shampoo works wonders.
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