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dd1 = 42w5d (induced) dd2 = 41w4d (spontaneous) ds = 41w0d (spontaneous)   19, 11, and 7 days "overdue". :)
Mine was 11 months, I am a midwife and this is when I went back on call for births. My first not birth-related overnight away was when he was newly 2 for an overnight trip with my own mother. :)
This is such a very, very personal choice. All that I can tell you is that I would never (ever!) vaccinate any of my children, but most particularly our one with ASD. I have too much understanding of the biochemical pathways in our son that are not functioning properly at the moment, and I believe vaccinating him would only harm his health further. We also have a family history of many auto-immune diseases and an aunt of mine died within 24 hours after being vaccinated...
Our 3.5 year old ds has autism. He regressed at about 16 months (lost speech, social skills, and started to exhibit sterotypical behaviours). We live in Canada, and relocated this past summer from Ontario to Alberta (2200 miles!) as my profession pays better here (to help with private therapies) and the publicly funded services are much more comprehensive and have shorter wait times. He is currently in an integrated preschool setting with both typical children and...
We are currently using PRT (Pivotal Response Training) for our 3.5 year old ds... it is a form of ABA but much more child led/naturalistic in it's approach. I felt very uneasy when I watched ABA (discrete trial training) videos etc. but have been very happy with PRT. We base the therapy around whatever motivates ds at the time, no table top drill-style activities and only natural "rewards". My ds is moderately effected and non-verbal at the moment so of course YMMV.
4 times... DD9, DD6, miscarriage at 7-8 weeks, DD3 (conceived next egg after miscarriage).
Reading this through just reminded me I haven't decided on a stuffing! Anyone want to share their most favourite recipes or tips etc?
I was hoping to find a thread like this today. I have our menu planned but nothing is set in stone yet! Still cruising for ideas. :) Appetizers: cheese platter and ginger/cardamom toasted pecans   Winter salad (spinach, dried cherries, goat cheese, walnuts etc.) Apple squash soup   Brined and roasted turkey Mashed potatoes Brussels sprouts with orange sauce Carrots with honey and ginger Sourdough rolls with butter   Dessert: pear custard pie or...
My ds just had a sedated MRI today! He is 3y3m. It went so, so smoothly. He had similar sedation for a dental procedure (called "conscious sedation", they seem fully out but not as risky as a GA) at age 16-17 mos and it was much rougher for him to wake up from. So needless to say, I was very nervous leading up to today, as he is much stronger physically and more aware of his body/boundaries. But as he woke up, he was babbling quietly to himself and as soon as he realized...
Oh yes! First was 16 hours active, second
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