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We got really bad stink using the liquid version on our diapers. Loveit for the clothing but we've switched for just diapers.
Pixie s
Hey ladies! Its raining, and cold, and so very September like today. Anything going on today? I have the car and would love to get out. Kids are coughing but rest of the cold is long gone they just have this lingering cough that I fear will still be here in two weeks. Of course by the time anyone reads this it will be next week.
Wow its awful to me that Kitchenaids don't last anymore. My mom still has hers from over 35 years ago and all she has ever had to do was replace the cord. I was hoping mine would last as long but now I'm thinking probably not.
Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 I was also going to mention this. Both of my kids were able to learn to back off the bed fairly quickly once they were mobile enough to fall off the bed. They also learned to do that rapidly on stairs. I third this. My last two kids were safely getting off the bed really young. All it took was me showing them. Of course this was after I posted a very similar thread to this one and was given the same...
sewing and cutting and sewing and bugging Jessie on the phone and more cutting and sewing and uploading photos and stocking oh and being sick not me but three of four have some nasty snot cough thing.
We can put out extra bags but it costs us $5 per bag so we usually do a dump run if we have a ton of extra stuff to throw out. It usually is much cheaper even with the disposal fee, gas, etc.
Here's a few of the bigger ones. I searched "home management binder". I kept referring back to one specific one when I made my binder but can't remember which one it was now. There are bunch more under that search with less posts but I am sure equally good info. HTH http://www.mothering.com/discussions...agement+binder http://www.mothering.com/discussions...agement+binder
Mine has a calendar, daily chore lists, weekly chore lists, seasonal chore lists, personal and medical information, family contact/emergency contact, 3 sections for coupons (eating out, grocery, and misc items), a section for manuals we want to keep, ummm I'm drawing a blank. lol It has a lot and I find that I am always reworking it, adding to it, removing from it, and umm lately forgetting it. There is a really great thread somewhere on here I'll see if I can go...
New Posts  All Forums: