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Sounds like you are doing an awesome job!! My pantry is one of my fave places to declutter.
naking. Amoreena thanks for the good thoughts for Joe! All good news no cancer!!!! I am beyond relieved. MNO 6:30 Sunday Sweet tomatoes anyone knitting?
Quote: Originally Posted by jenger What about some of the smaller towns? Western Washington small 'crunchy' towns - Port Townsend (in the rain shadow), Mt. Vernon or other Skagit County.... There are some nice communities on the southern part of Whidbey island, like Langley... On the Eastern side of the Mountains... Leavenworth (yea, braviaran themed, but still...) That cool valley east of the North Cascages.... Towns of Twisp and ??? Blanking on...
Quote: Originally Posted by neomia OK, I got some info for you! There's a midwife on the Long Beach Peninsula named Tamy Roloff. Her phone number is: 360-642-3650. She came to one of our meetings earlier this year... she's a retired LL Leader and she homeschooled her children (who are grown now). Just have to say that Tamy was my doula trainer in Spokane and my MW for Marah's birth. I love her!! I asked her to be the MW for Nomy's birth...
Forgot to say I just spent hours making patterns. I hate making patterns. But I got all the ones I wanted done and tomorrow I can cut and then sew and then stock! :
Jessie coffee at 8pm?? Its almost 11 now and I am off to bed soon. Have to get up at 6 to leave by 6:45 to get Joe to the hospital. Send good thoughts in the morning please. Jessie you prob won't see this till tomorrow but any chance you are home tomorrow mid morningish? I don't know what time Joe will be done at the hosp and was hoping you might watch the three older ones just until I get him home and settled in bed? Its kind of late notice as I told myself...
Are you in PDX or Vancouver? I have heard awesome things about Pamela Hines-Powell as well as her used to be assistant now MW, Lennon (sorry I don't know the last name but a search would bring it up on here).
Quote: Originally Posted by KailuaMamatoMaya OCS? Officer Candidate School. Nope. ODS, Officer Development School Its 5 weeks instead of the what is OCS 13? 15? Not really sure on the differences. I've been told less yelling, not as much PT, and its more of a getting info about the Navy, your job, being an officer kind of thing. I don't have a ton of info.
Jessie that spot where I said to put the pumpkins under just dig a hole there like a dog would big enough to squeeze the pumpkins through then fill it back up. I just realized that Joe runs in the evenings midweek so I would need to be back no later than 7:45. Anyone free tonight??? He can't run today since he has to not eat all day/night today. That may not work though as I am sure he's exhausted and starving.
Quote: Originally Posted by remijo Hi... So DH is talking to a recruiter this morning about going into OCS for the Navy. He is 30, has his master's degree, and is in super great shape. It was kind of a weird thought - going from looking for civilian jobs to this. We figure it will be a great way to travel and increase his career options. Hi Just wanted to say that I feel ya on the it being weird going from civilian to military. DH is 30...
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